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2022 New CAE Fellows

Brian Baetz

Brian Baetz, FCAE

Professor Emeritus and Director, W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology, McMaster University

A visionary, Dr. Brian Baetz pioneered modern techniques and thinking in Civil, Environmental, and Systems engineering. A Fellow of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers, Baetz made pioneering contributions in solid waste management and later energy and environmental systems modelling and decision support frameworks. As a professor at McMaster and Tulane universities, Baetz established groundbreaking programs to strengthen sustainability and societal dimensions in engineering practice at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Although his impact has been global, Baetz continues to apply his expertise locally in his community outreach activities for the preservation of the Niagara Escarpment.

Ruxandra Botez

Ruxandra Botez, FCAE

Full Professor, Canada Research Chair Holder Tier 1 in Aircraft Modeling and Simulation Technologies, Head of the Laboratory of Active Controls, Avionics and AeroServoElasticity LARCASE, École de technologie supérieure

Dr Botez is Full Professor at l’École de Technologie Supérieure, holds a Canada Research Chair Tier 1 in Aircraft Modeling and Simulation, and is Head of the Laboratory in Active Controls, Avionics and AeroServoElasticity. She graduated over 400 students and completed major projects as academic leader with leading aerospace industry companies including Bombardier, Bell Helicopter, CAE, CMC Electronics, FLIR Systems, GlobVision, Hydra Technologies, Presagis, Thales, Alenia, and international research centres including CIRA, DLR, FOI, INCAS, NASA, NRC and with NATO. She has more than 450 peer-reviewed publications and has led her team to more than 40 prizes, awards and recognitions.

Keith B. Brown

Keith B. Brown, FCAE

Director of Design Engineering, Nuclear Promise X Inc.

Keith Brown has over 30 years of diverse military, research, technical, and business experience marked by providing strong leadership and service to the engineering profession. Dr. Brown is an innovative and collaborative practitioner known for his expertise in instrumentation and control systems as they pertain to power generation. He was President of IEEE Canada (2012-2013) and member of numerous other volunteer boards. Dr. Brown’s commitment to the Canadian power industry and the engineering profession is evidenced through the awards and honours received over the course of his career, recognizing both his technical excellence and outstanding leadership.

Thomas Browne

Thomas Browne, FCAE

Principal, Tom Browne and Associates

Dr. Browne is a world-class expert on the technical and economic aspects of Biorefineries, which will contribute significantly to the global climate change mitigation effort. His work resulted in novel bioprocesses and in Canada’s first commercial-scale Biorefinery to produce green bioproducts and feedstocks. Dr. Browne participated in founding an NSERC Strategic Network focused on lignin, and developed critical partnerships with industry and academia in Canada and abroad to advance the Biorefinery concept and establish Canada as an important participant in the global bioeconomy. His expertise is relied upon to guide policy development and R&D activities for the forest sector.

Patrick Carlson

Patrick Carlson, FCAE

Chief Executive Officer, Kiwetinohk Energy Corp.

Pat Carlson is an internationally respected chemical engineer and business leader responsible for countless successful start-up ventures enhancing the economic security of communities and connecting Canadians from coast to coast to great opportunities in innovation and entrepreneurialism. Spending much of his career working with and leading large oil and gas operators, Pat is known for his seamless integration of environmental and entrepreneurial themes leading to transformative disruption of the status quo. Passionate about the environment and making a broader social impact, Pat works to integrate themes and awareness of sustainability, climate change, and Indigenous inclusion into activities which continue today.

Bing Chen

Bing Chen, FCAE

Professor, UArctic Chair, and Associate Dean (Acting), Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Memorial University

Dr. Chen is an internationally respected leader in environmental engineering. He has made significant contributions to oil spill response and persistent/emerging pollution mitigation in cold regions and oceans. He has (co-)authored over 450 publications and 8 patents and trained over 80 graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. He is the founding Director of a global Network on Persistent, Emerging and Organic PoLlution in the Environment (PEOPLE) – a world-leading network in emerging pollution R&D. He is a Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada and Canadian Society for Civil Engineering and a Member of the Royal Society of Canada College.

Guohua Chen

Guohua Chen, FCAE

Otto Poon Charitable Foundation Professor of Smart and Sustainable Energy; Chair Professor, Energy Conversion and Storage, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Dr. Guohua Chen is an outstanding chemical engineer, a renowned expert in electrochemical technologies for sustainable development, a highly successful mentor and university administrator. He leads the commercialization of proprietary technologies. One product is ready for industry, and another one under pilot test with world leading results obtained. He has published over 300 journal papers with very top academic impact. He is an assiduous advocate for global collaboration, serving on a number of international councils and editing for prestigious journals, including CanJChemE. He is a fellow of AIChE and HKIE, respectively. He works enthusiastically in increasing chemical engineering impact globally.

Chi Yung Chung

Chi Yung Chung, FCAE

Professor and SaskPower Chair in Power Systems Engineering, University of Saskatchewan

Professor Chung is an internationally renowned researcher and educator in power systems engineering. His pioneering works on power system stability and operation and on the development of smart grid technologies have been widely used in power industries and significantly contributed to the prevention of large-scale power blackouts, modernization of power grids, and massive integration of renewable energy. His leading-edge research and contributions to education, industry, and learned societies have been recognized with distinctions including IEEE, EIC, IET, and HKIE fellowships, IEEE PES Distinguished Lecturer, IEEE Canada P. Ziogas Electric Power Award, and Saskatoon Engineering Society Educator of the Year Award.

David A. Clausi

David A. Clausi, FCAE

Professor and Associate Dean – Research & External Partnerships, University of Waterloo

Dr. Clausi is a Professor in Systems Design Engineering and the Associate Dean – Research & External Partnerships (ADR) for Engineering at the University of Waterloo. He is a renowned computer vision expert who has made exceptional research, entrepreneurship, and leadership contributions in multiple fields including biomechanics, biomedical, remote sensing, projection systems and sports analytics. A highly accomplished researcher, inventor and scholar, he has designed algorithms to automatically interpret satellite imagery, detect skin cancer, remotely monitor cardiovascular disease and automate ice hockey analytics. As ADR, he has strategically grown Waterloo Engineering and taken leadership to raise the University’s research profile.

Kenneth Coley

Kenneth Coley, FCAE

Dean and Professor, Western University

Professor Coley is an international leader in the field of chemical process metallurgy and received many awards for his outstanding contributions to the industry. As Dean of Western Engineering, he tirelessly advocates for diversity, student success and experiential learning and is leading the Faculty to create innovative new programs. Previously at McMaster University, Coley led the development of several innovative programs, was an architect of McMaster’s Biomedical Engineering program, and the originator of McMaster’s Pivot initiative. He is also an outstanding research mentor; six alumni from his research group are professors in major institutions globally.

Duane Cronin

Duane Cronin, FCAE

Professor and Canada Research Chair, University of Waterloo

Duane Cronin, a University of Waterloo Professor, is an internationally recognized expert in trauma biomechanics, human body modeling (HBM), and material characterization. His team has developed leading computational HBMs used globally by industry, government and academics to improve human safety. He developed a new Canadian research program to link materials, impact, and trauma biomechanics research to significantly advance the fields of crash safety and protection of humans in extreme environments. His high level of scholarship and dramatic impact on the academic community and industry demonstrates his global presence and the impact of innovative research to save lives.

Michelle George

Michelle George, FCAE

Vice President, New Energy Technologies, Enbridge Inc.

One of the most influential women at Enbridge, Michelle George has blazed the trail for women in operations, engineering and construction. She is an authentic, intelligent and well-respected woman with a seat at the most senior table within the company, as Vice President of Engineering and Storage and Transmission Operations for Enbridge Gas. She is accountable for the safe and reliable operations of the gas storage compression and transmission business in Ontario; the engineering, asset management and integrity functions to ensure compliance, reduce risk and optimize the assets; and is delivering innovative projects to support the energy transition.

Hanping Hong

Hanping Hong, FCAE

Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Western University

Professor Hanping Hong has made outstanding contributions to the reliability-based design code development and codified structural design practice. His original work has helped the understanding of wind, snow, and earthquake hazards affecting the Canadian building stocks and infrastructure system and significantly strengthened Canada’s position as a leading player in developing information-sensitive and risk-consistent structural design practices. Dr. Hong has also made outstanding contributions to the engineering profession through his passion for research and dedication to mentoring and teaching the next generation of great young researchers and engineers.

Karim S. Karim

Karim S. Karim, FCAE

Associate Vice President, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo

Karim Sallaudin Karim is a Professor in the University of Waterloo’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and is a Founder and the Chief Technology Officer of KA Imaging. Dr. Karim both pioneered innovative X-ray technologies and then led the commercialization effort via KA Imaging. His research has led to the world’s first portable, dual energy X-ray detector, with superior accuracy that enables early disease detection of cardiopulmonary and musculoskeletal disorders. The technology is now used in hospitals in seven countries to replace black and white X-rays. Dr. Karim has 250 academic publications and 80 international patents.

Gregory Kopp

Gregory Kopp, FCAE

Professor, Western University

Professor G.A. Kopp is an internationally renowned expert in the field of wind engineering, in the areas of building aerodynamics and wind tunnel testing, the effects of severe storms on the built environment, and the occurrence of tornadoes in Canada. He has transformed approaches to identifying tornado occurrence and classification as a co-founder of the Northern Tornadoes Project and transformed design of building components and cladding under severe wind loads through the development of pioneering test methods at the ‘3 Little Pigs’ Project together with many theoretical developments. His research is widely used in wind design standards around the world.

Gail Krantzberg

Gail Krantzberg, FCAE

Professor, Masters of Engineering and Public Policy Program, McMaster University

Dr. Gail Krantzberg has dedicated over thirty years to help Great Lakes communities rehabilitate and build a sustainable future for their most valued and strategic water assets. She designed rigorous, multi-disciplinary frameworks involving engineers, applied scientists, governments, and communities to launch effective and sustainable initiatives. The many public policies and agreements that she led or contributed to continue to protect Great Lakes health to this day. Her outreach activities have raised public awareness to contemporary environmental challenges. Currently a professor in Engineering at McMaster University, she has built innovative programs to bring sustainability and multidisciplinarity to engineering.

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar, FCAE

Professor, NSERC/Cenovus/Alberta Innovates Associate Industrial Research Chair in Energy and Environmental Systems Engineering, Cenovus Energy Endowed Chair in Environmental Engineering, Deputy Director - Future Energy Systems, University of Alberta

Dr. Amit Kumar is Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta and one of few researchers globally whose engineering models integrating environmental and economic factors in energy systems assessment feed into government and industry decision-making. He is a highly cited expert in energy systems and an NSERC Industrial Chair. He has served on expert review panels for the European Union, National Science Foundation, California EPA, and several Canadian agencies. He received the 2020 Summit Award for Research Excellence from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta and is a Fellow of the Canadian Society of Bioengineering.

Hanif Ladak

Hanif Ladak, FCAE

Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Western University

Dr. Hanif Ladak is internationally known for his engineering innovations in medical imaging, hearing healthcare technologies, and simulation platforms for training of clinicians and surgeons. He holds three patents that are licensed by multinational imaging companies, and he has been involved in the formation of several companies focusing on imaging and simulation. His work has been recognized by the National Institutes of Health (USA), and he was inducted into the Collegium Oto-Rhino-Laryngologicum Amicitiae Sacrum, an international organization that brings together leaders in ear-nose-throat research. He is a superb engineering educator whose students have received numerous awards and have become leaders.

Jonathan Jun Li

Jonathan Jun Li, FCAE

Professor, University of Waterloo

Professor Li is a world-class leader in engineering research and industrial practices. His extensive research on remote sensing theories, AI algorithms, HD mapping techniques, and cross-disciplinary applications has significantly advanced the field of geomatics. He published nearly 500 refereed journal and conference papers with 10,189 Google Scholar citations and h-index of 55. He has trained 105 master’s and PhD students and post-doctoral fellows. He received the 2021 CIG Geomatica Award and 2020 ISPRS Samuel Gamble Award. He has provided an exemplary leadership and service as the CIG President-elect and Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation.

Ming Li

Ming Li, FCAE

Professor, University of Waterloo

For his contributions in building large-scale bioinformatics systems that has enabled modern proteomics projects worldwide; his contributions in designing an antibody sequencing pipeline that has helped to enable a modern antibody sequencing industry; his contributions to significantly improving de novo sequencing accuracy which is key to enable personalized cancer immunotherapy; and his contributions to a modern information theory Kolmogorov complexity via his book “An introduction to Kolmogorov complexity and its applications” that is read and cited widely and has impacted people’s conception of modern information as well as applications of the such understanding to engineering, technology, and science.

Jie Liang

Jie Liang, FCAE

Professor, Simon Fraser University

Prof. Jie Liang is an internationally renowned researcher in image and video compression. His research results have been adopted by industrial products and international standards such as Microsoft Windows Media Video Player and Blu-ray Disc, culminated by a NSERC DAS Award. He made lasting contributions to the graduate program of School of Engineering Science at Simon Fraser University (SFU), and received the SFU Leadership Award. He is also the President and CEO of AltumView, leading the development of a smart sensor system to tackle the global aging population challenge, which was selected as a CES 2021 Innovation Award Honoree.

Hugh Hong-Tao Liu

Hugh Hong-Tao Liu, FCAE

Professor, University of Toronto

Dr. Hugh Liu, a Professor at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies, is an internationally renowned researcher in aircraft systems and control. His research has been patented and applied by industry and has also led to a start-up company. A leader in his professional community, Dr. Liu serves on editorial boards of leading journals and technical committees of international societies. He is a Fellow of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering and the Engineering Institute of Canada and an Associate Fellow of the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Ben Li Luan

Ben Li Luan, FCAE

Adjunct Professor, Western University

Dr. Luan proudly serves his engineering profession as an accomplished innovator, a passionate educator, and a visionary entrepreneur with original designs and scientific discoveries contributing to energy, environment, and health. His accomplishments and influence are recognized through leaderships in international initiatives, national green manufacturing demonstrations, industry consortiums, training of HQP’s, and commercialization of innovative technologies in lithography-based additive manufacturing, energy materials, and materials surface engineering. As a Professional Engineer, Ben also devotes his passion promoting Canadian engineering ethics and generously donating his time and expertise through non-profit organizations to help with engineering training and sustainable development for Canada.

Lynnette Madsen

Lynnette Madsen, FCAE

Visiting Professor and Scholar, Cornell University; Program Director, National Science Foundation

Dr. Lynnette Madsen’s career spans industry, academia, and government in Canada and abroad. She contributed seminal advances to thin film research and innovation in nitrides, carbides, glasses, and complex oxides. From this platform of experience and expertise, she moved to public service where she developed a legacy attested by her honours and awards. She adeptly increased and leveraged funding through interagency and international cooperation. She established industrial connections to support research and dissemination. She created strong communities through mentorship, inclusion of underserved populations, and unique workshops that empower continuity, growth, and progress.

Ted Mao

Ted Mao, FCAE

President, MW Technologies Inc.

Dr. Ted Mao, past Vice president, Research and Chief Technology Officer at Trojan Technologies is an internationally recognized UV expert and water innovator. He led science and innovation to drive global business growth and technology adoption, aiding over 1 billion people with safe and clean water. He is a passionate talent developer and entrepreneur who has led 355 Mitacs units and has been helping Cleantech start-ups to commercialize game-changing technologies to reduce GHG emissions, half gigatonned per year by 2050. He has played a significant leadership role in IUVA to help UV get adopted to stop the spread of SARS-COV-2.

Eric Martel

Eric Martel, FCAE

President and Chief Executive Officer, Bombardier

Éric Martel is a seasoned senior executive with an inspiring leadership style. He is recognized for his ability to deliver outstanding business results, perform strategic and cultural turnarounds. Electrical engineer by trade, he has occupied many important leadership positions within renowned multinational corporations in the aerospace and energy sectors. He possesses a broad international business development and large-scale operations managing experience. He is currently President and Chief Executive Officer at Bombardier, a global leader in aviation, creating innovative and game-changing planes. The company is present in more than 12 countries including its production/engineering sites and its customer support network.

Alison McGuigan

Alison McGuigan, FCAE

Professor, University of Toronto

Dr. Alison McGuigan, a professor at the University of Toronto, is a leader in the field of tissue engineering and disease modelling. Her group applies methods from materials and chemical engineering to assemble artificial tissues in a dish to accelerate drug discovery and the development of next-generation regenerative therapies. She has also trained more than 80 researchers and developed several innovative graduate research training tools. The impact of her work has been recognized with prestigious national and international awards, including the CSChE Hatch Innovation Award and the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society Americas Young Investigator Award.

Kibret Mequanint

Kibret Mequanint, FCAE

Professor, Western University

Kibret Mequanint is an internationally renowned leader and innovator in the application of chemical engineering principles to medicine. His discoveries span multiple areas, including radiotherapy dosimeters for accurate radiation dose measurements, snake venom-derived tissue adhesives, and injectable ultra-flexible conductive cardiac patches. Several of his discoveries have been licensed/commercialized, positively impacting human health. His dedicated strategic initiatives to engineering capacity building and his work on accessible medical devices for poor and resource-scarce communities as part of the UN Sustainability goals exemplify his impact. His creativity and innovation led to several recognitions from learned societies and organizations in Canada and abroad.

Sue Molloy

Sue Molloy, FCAE

Chief Executive Officer, Glas Ocean Electric

Sue Molloy is the CEO of Glas Ocean Electric, Adjunct Professor at Dalhousie University and in 2021 along with other awards, received the Lieutenant Governor’s award for Excellence in Engineering for converting a fishing boat to electric propulsion while measuring the emissions and noise impacts of electrification. Sue won the IEC 1906 award for her contributions to the development of international standards, is currently the Canadian Chair of ISO TC 8, Ships and Marine Technology and the international convenor for the IEC committee focused on river turbine performance. Sue was invited to give the prestigious Canada Ocean Lecture for 2021.

George Nakhla

George Nakhla, FCAE

Professor & Salamander Chair of Environmental Engineering, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Western University

Professor Nakhla has made major contributions to wastewater treatment research and practice. His original work has helped transform the wastewater industry in Ontario. His leadership in developing the first full-scale wastewater research facility in Canada significantly strengthened Canada’s position as a key player in the development of wastewater treatment technologies. Dr. Nakhla has also made outstanding contributions to the engineering profession through implementation of innovative wastewater and biosolids technologies and creative engineering process design, his infectious passion for applied research tackling practical challenges, and tireless dedication to developing the next generation of great young engineers.

Moncef Nehdi

Moncef Nehdi, FCAE

Professor and Chair, Department of Civil Engineering, McMaster University

Dr. M.L. Nehdi, FCSCE, FACI, FEIC is globally acclaimed for his pioneering research on cement and concrete technology, which was used in several world landmark structures. A leader in industry and academia alike, he is a prolific author listed in the Elsevier world’s most cited civil engineers and Stanford University’s world top scholars. He won numerous awards including the PEO medal for R&D and Ontario Premier’s research excellence award. He chaired several technical committees, is vice Chair of CSCE’s Engineering Mechanics and Materials Division, and the incoming Chair for the Department of Civil Engineering at McMaster University.

Maria Anna Polak

Maria Anna Polak, FCAE

Professor, University of Waterloo

Dr. Maria Anna Polak is renowned in the field of structural engineering, with pioneering contributions to the design and testing of concrete and reinforced concrete structures. Her innovations include new technologies for the retrofit of concrete slabs, powerful analysis tools for evaluation and testing of design standards, global structural damage assessment methods, and fibre-reinforced polymers. Implemented worldwide, Dr. Polak’s work has directly contributed to international standards for infrastructure design. She sits on numerous international standards committees, is a Fellow of the American Concrete Institute and the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering and is recipient of prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Fellowships.

John Preston

John Preston, FCAE

Associate Dean Research, Innovation and External Relations, McMaster University

Dr. John Preston’s seminal contributions have been at the interface of research and education. His passion is leading collaborative research efforts to address major societal challenges and to integrate the education of students into that mission. His accomplishments include doubling the research output of McMaster Engineering, growing its undergraduate research program to be the largest in Canada, increasing startups by 400% and expanding the Faculty’s international presence. Most recently, at the start of COVID-19, he created a massive effort to support PPE testing and manufacturing leading to the Minister’s Awards of Excellence from the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities.

Wei Qiu

Wei Qiu, FCAE

Interim Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science; Professor, Department of Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering, Memorial University

Dr. Wei Qiu is a Professor and the Head of Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering Department at Memorial University. He is one of the world’s leading specialists in marine hydrodynamics. He has developed several novel ship motion programs and led many collaborative research initiatives involving national and international partners. As an expert in his field and representing Canada, he has been involved in many international technical committees, including the International Towing Tank Conference (ITTC) Ocean Engineering Committee, the International Ship and Offshore Structures Congress (ISSC) Environments Committee and the Joint ITTC/ISSC Committee. He has led the establishment of CISMaRT.

Ajay Ray

Ajay Ray, FCAE

Professor, Western University

Ajay Ray is an internationally renowned researcher, leader, educator, and mentor in chemical engineering. He has made seminal research contributions in the field of solar photocatalysis, moving bed technology and optimization. His applied research ranges from synthesis of novel eco-friendly materials for renewable energy, and clean potable water, devising innovative approaches of process intensification for purification of biologics, and application of multi-objective optimization in the improvement of industrial chemical processes. His research resulted in a deep understanding of technologies for applications in energy, environment, health, and water, the humanity’s most important challenges for next generation.

Sohrab Rohani

Sohrab Rohani, FCAE

Professor, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Western University

Dr. Rohani has authored more than 340 refereed journal articles, presented 57 plenary/invited lectures, contributed 19 book chapters, and 1 book. His citations are over 13,315, his h-index is 56, and his i10-index is 248. Dr. Rohani has designed advanced control systems for the pharmaceutical and potash crystallizers. He has developed a technology to convert coal fly ash to a useful by-product. He has developed a light oxygen concentrator for medical applications. Dr. Rohani is a dedicated teacher and has always received high students’ evaluation. Dr. Rohani has served the community and the profession throughout his career.

Hojjat Salemi

Hojjat Salemi, FCAE

Chief Business Development Officer, Ranovus Inc.

Mr. Hojjat Salemi is one of the known Canadian entrepreneurs who establish several high tech companies in Ottawa. Currently, he is SVP of Silicon Technology development and partnership at RANOVUS. Prior to RANOVUS, Hojjat was a key technology and cofounder to establish Inphi, Cortina and Skystone. These companies became part of Marvell and Cisco main R&D campus in Ottawa, Canada. Hojjat received B.SC. and M.A,Sc. from Ottawa University. Hojjat is the recipient of 2010 of Engineering Alumni Award of Excellence, Ottawa University. Hojjat holds numerous of patents and publications and he is an industrial advocate of entrepreneur in Canadian Universities.

Clara Santato

Clara Santato, FCAE

Professor, Polytechnique Montreal

Clara Santato is a Professor of Engineering Physics at Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal and a holder of the Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Electronics. She leads trailblazing research in organic and sustainable electronics in her mission to rid the planet of e-waste. She has also rallied an international coalition of academics, industrialists and NGOs to create CREATE SEED - a unique network to train the next generation of engineers in sustainable electronics design. She has over a 100 publications in reputable journals and was recently bestowed the prestigious MRS Communication Lecture Award, one of the highest honours in materials science.

Craig Simmons

Craig Simmons, FCAE

Professor, University of Toronto

Dr. Craig Simmons is the Distinguished Professor in Mechanobiology at the University of Toronto and Scientific Director of the Translational Biology and Engineering Program in the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research. A world leader in the field of mechanobiology, Dr. Simmons has made pioneering contributions in understanding how biomechanical forces contribute to heart valve disease and regeneration and has developed lab-on-a-chip microtechnologies to model tissues and organs for drug discovery. He is a Fellow of the Biomedical Engineering Society, the American Institute for Medical & Biomedical Engineering, the Engineering Institute of Canada, and the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering.

Michael Soligo

Michael Soligo, FCAE

President & Chief Executive Officer, Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin Inc.

With a passion for redefining what is possible, Michael Soligo is a wind/environmental engineer and microclimate specialist who has worked on notable projects around the world, including the Grand Mosque in Mecca. The President and CEO of RWDI since 2008, Michael has grown the company from a small Canadian niche wind engineering firm to an internationally recognized global specialty engineering consulting firm of almost 700 employees. Michael’s strategic vision and commitment to innovation has shaped RWDI into a leading global climate and environmental engineering firm, with a unique contribution to the field of sustainability and pathogen mitigation.

Nathan Stubina

Nathan Stubina, FCAE

V.P. Technologies, Sherritt International

Throughout his distinguished career, Dr. Nathan Stubina has provided superb engineering leadership at major metallurgical companies including Sherritt International Corporation where he serves as Vice President (Technologies). As confirmed by his publications, patents, awards and invited lectures within Canada and countries abroad, he has been eminently successful in the generation and application of innovative strategies associated with the processing of non-ferrous and precious metals. Dr. Stubina has also made substantial contributions within professional organizations as exemplified by his service as Vice President International of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum, and President of the Metallurgy and Materials Society.

Shuhui Sun

Shuhui Sun, FCAE

Professor, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS)

Prof. Shuhui Sun is internationally well-recognized for his contributions to the development and commercialization of advanced materials for clean energy applications. He has established a world-class research program in developing solutions to address critical and long-standing challenges in fuel cells and batteries in a cost-effective way. He authored 250 journal papers (with citations of 13600 times, and h-index of 62), 3 books, 15 book chapters. He is a member of the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, the Vice President of the International Academy of Electrochemical Energy Science, and serves on the editorial board of 11 scientific journals.

Zhongchao Tan

Zhongchao Tan, FCAE

Professor, University of Waterloo

Professor Tan is an international authority on filtration and separation technologies; his scholarly publications have reached $1.7M downloads. His award-winning research and entrepreneurship significantly strengthened Canada’s global leadership in sustainability with a major patent licensed by Enersul Inc. He spearheaded multiple platforms, creating a positive and inclusive environment for talent exchange and training of thousands of future engineering leaders with a global vision. Tan has also made outstanding contributions to the engineering profession through his passion and dedication to training of the next generation of great young engineers. His innovative teaching method and textbooks also won him numerous teaching awards.

Fiorenzo Vetrone

Fiorenzo Vetrone, FCAE

Full Professor/Professeur Titulaire, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS), Université du Québec

Professor Fiorenzo Vetrone is a pioneer in the field of nanoparticle upconversion, which is the ability of certain elements to absorb light at one wavelength and emit at a higher wavelength. After publishing the first paper in the his created field, his highly cited work has led to breakthroughs in unravelling the photophysics at the nanoscale as well as opening doors to new diagnostic and therapeutic tools for cancer and other diseases. He has been bestowed numerous awards including the Rutherford Memorial Medal for excellence in the physical sciences and the Keith Lader Award for excellence in Physical Chemistry.

Malcolm Xing

Malcolm Xing, FCAE

Professor, University of Manitoba

Dr. Malcolm Xing is a Professor at the Mechanical Engineering of the University of Manitoba. He has made outstanding contributions to high-performance hydrogels for wound healing, hemostasis, myocardial infarction, and bone defect. He is a leading expert in developing nano-gel self-assembly on cells and drugs for hair regeneration, controlled release, and cancer therapy. He has also contributed to the sustainable environment by developing plant-wearable sensors for green agriculture and portable clean-water devices. He has played active roles and services in promoting biomedical engineering education and research to the public and communities. He is now a fellow of AIMBE.

Chunsheng Yang

Chunsheng Yang, FCAE

Senior Research Officer, National Research Council Canada

Dr. Yang is a Senior Research Scientist at the National Research Council Canada. He is an internationally renowned leader in applied Artificial Intelligence. Throughout his career, he has made significant contributions to Applied AI, including machine learning, hybrid reasoning, and intelligent systems. In particular, he developed a transformative AI-based PHM technology for smart maintenance of complex systems, which has been applied to various industry sectors such as aerospace, railway, and energy, to improve the reliability and availability of the complex systems.

Yi Zhang

Yi Zhang, FCAE

Vice-President R&D, CTO, RTDS Technologies Inc.

Dr. Yi Zhang is a world-renowned expert in real-time power system simulation. He has provided exceptional leadership as VP and CTO of one of the world’s leading real-time simulator manufacturers. He has personally developed and directed the development of key features that make real-time simulation relevant in today’s environment. These include advanced models for new converter topologies, renewable resources and interfaces to the communication layers that control modern power systems. He has been editor of major international journals and contributed to IEEE and CIGRE working groups and thus influenced the establishment of the industry standard for real-time power-system simulation.

Zdeněk P. Bažant

Zdeněk P. Bažant, FCAE
International Fellow

McCormick Institute Professor and W.P. Murphy Professor of Civil and Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Northwestern University

For discovery of energetic and statistical-energetic size effect laws for quasibrittle failures, for conceiving their crack-band and nonlocal modeling with Gauss-Weibull probability distribution of quasibrittle structure strength, for formulating fundamental physics-based laws of creep and hygrothermal effects in concrete with seconds-to-century time span, and for major advances in damage assessment of concrete structures enhancing infrastructure durability and sustainability. For collaborations in Canada since the 60s.

Menachem Elimelech

Menachem Elimelech, FCAE
International Fellow

Sterling Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Dept. of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Yale University

Menachem Elimelech is the Sterling Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering at Yale University. He is a member of the US National Academy of Engineering, and recipient of the prestigious Clarke Water Prize and Eni Prize. He is recognized for his seminal contributions to the development of membrane processes for desalination and wastewater reuse and for educating the next generation of university professors and industry leaders in the fields of environmental and chemical engineering.

Maohong Fan

Maohong Fan, FCAE
International Fellow

Carrell Endowed Chair and SER Professor, University of Wyoming

Professor Fan is a pioneer in clean energy production and eco-environmental protection areas worldwide, including catalytic CO2 capture and conversion, renewable resources (e.g., biomass and solar energy) utilization, critical materials development. Appointed by 3 US DOE Secretaries, he is a member of NCC. He has trained many undergraduate, graduate, postdoc, and professionals (including engineers and professors) for various countries, especially for Canada. He has been collaborating with companies in Canada in developing CO2 capture technologies while transferring several his technologies to Canada, which is important to Canada’s future. His contributions to Canada are truly significant.

Dan M. Frangopol

Dan M. Frangopol, FCAE
International Fellow

The Fazlur R. Khan Endowed Chair of Structural Engineering and Architecture, Lehigh University

For the creation, development and application of the field of life-cycle engineering under uncertainty as a major contribution to the permanent knowledge base with a significant impact on civil engineering design, teaching and practice, and world leadership and service in promoting international cooperation in the fields of safety, risk, structural health monitoring, maintenance management optimization, and life-cycle performance and cost of structures and infrastructure systems for the purpose of enhancing the welfare of society.

Tao Mei

Tao Mei, FCAE
International Fellow

Vice President, Deputy Managing Director of JD Explore Academy, JD.COM

Dr. Tao Mei is a world-renowned technology leader in both scientific research and industrial engineering. A Fellow of IEEE and IAPR, and a Distinguished Scientist of ACM, Mei has made exemplary contributions to multimedia analysis, computer vision and their applications. As a Vice President of JD.COM and a former Senior Research Manager of Microsoft Research, he holds over 60 patents and has shipped commercial products to tens of millions of users around the world though his ground-breaking technology innovations. Mei has been closely collaborating with Canadian scientific and engineering communities for the past decade.

Pol D. Spanos

Pol D. Spanos, FCAE
International Fellow

L.B.Ryon Endowed Chair in Engineering, Rice University

The nominee has made outstanding contributions to analyses of dynamical systems/phenomena with emphasis on nonlinear-behavior/risk assessment in diverse engineering projects. Representative themes are: system health-monitoring; aseismic design of construction facilities; fatigue life of materials; nano mechanics; Monte Carlo simulation of engineering / societal/economic systems; signal processing for encephalograms; dynamic certification of aerospace payload; and risk estimation in a plethora of environmental, societal, and technical problems. His leadership has proven fruitful through his: strong student mentorship; book and journal editorships/ publications; international conference organization; extensive global consulting; and rich collaboration with Canada. He has received numerous (national and international) coveted awards.

Ashok Vijh

Ashok Vijh, FCAE
Honorary Fellow

Maitre-de-Recherche, Institut de Recherche de l’Hydro-Quebec (IREQ)

Dr. Ashok Vijh has held the title of Maitre-de-Recherche at Hydro Québec since 1973. He is winner of the Killam Prize in Engineering, a Life Fellow of the IEEE, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and former president of the RSC Academy of Science. He is an Officer of the Order of Canada, and of the Order of Québec. Dr. Vijh has advanced electrochemical technologies such as fuel cells, advanced batteries, hydrogen electrolyzers and photoelectochemical solar devices as well as for treatment of cancerous tumours. He has received over 60 distinctions, published over 400 refereed papers and eight books.

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