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The CAE aims to help students who are working towards engineering degrees in areas of importance to Canada and to increase the profile of engineering as a career path for youth. At the present time scholarships are for $2,000 and are provided for one year.

The Canadian Academy of has two types of Scholarships, endowed and annual. Endowed or “Named” Scholarships are funded through a capital gift that is invested.

The scholarship is funded through the interest earned on the endowment. There are currently two Endowed Scholarships. More information can be found here. Annual or “Nation-building” scholarships are funded each year based on total donations. The scholarship names and selection criteria are determined each year by the Honours and Awards Committee.

This year there are two Nation-building Scholarships:

  1. The Net-zero and Climate Change Scholarship
  2. The Northern Infrastructure Scholarship

For more information on the Nation-building scholarships please click on the links above.

To donate on-line click here or contact the CAE at 613-235-9056 or contact us.




Starting with our 2020–2025 Strategic Plan the CAE has organized its work into Programs. Programs consist of a series of activities; seminars, workshops, conferences, task forces, reports, etc., contributing to a central theme. The Program format allows the CAE to draw on the experience and expertise of a wide range of Fellows and associates to achieve important outcomes. Donations to CAE Programs are essential to help provide the resources we need to organize, synthesize and communicate the outcomes of the efforts of the CAE volunteers.

The six Programs currently under way are:

  1. Net-zero/Climate Change
  2. Digital Transformation
  3. National Infrastructure
  4. Waste Reduction and Recycling
  5. Pandemic Preparedness
  6. Aquatic Environments: Oceans and Fresh Water Systems

More details on these topics can be found under the Programs & Publications Tab (link to Programs and Publications)

To donate on-line click here or contact the CAE at 613-235-9056 or contact us.


Endowments & Planned Giving

The CAE has an Endowment Fund. These are “restricted” funds that can only be released by the Board of Directors for a specific purpose. For other donation arrangements, such as Planned Giving for the future, we will be pleased to work with you to develop a solution that meets your needs.

If you are interested in contributing to the CAE Endowment Fund or making other donations, please contact the CAE at 613-235-9056 or contact us.


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