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President’s Message

November 2022

Dear Fellows of the Academy,

I hope you are enjoying these last beautiful days of fall.

As many of you are aware, the Strategic Plan of the Academy has shifted in order to prioritize three key areas of action as we look to the years ahead.

First, the Academy recognizes that it must demonstrate leadership in the responsible application of engineering knowledge for the benefit of all Canadians; Second, the Academy and its Fellows have responsibility to utilize their comprehensive knowledge base to provide strategic advice to decision makers; Lastly, the CAE has duty to contribute to shaping the overall future of engineering within Canada.

While we recognize that changes made to the Strategic Plan require a very broad action plan that spans across many different areas, we firmly believe it is our duty to help address the social, environmental, economic, and technical challenges which currently exist within the engineering space through our collective efforts and experience. Therefore, in an effort to address the identified priority areas, the Academy has established several new goals for the coming years. First, the Academy and its fellows will support Engineers, as well as all Canadians, as they look to address challenges and find solutions to four “grand engineering challenges” over the next several years, which include: Net-Zero by 2050, Digitization, Ocean Energy, and Infrastructure. Next, the Academy will help shape the future of engineering by enhancing the profile of engineering not only within Canada, but also on the international stage, and promote the critical role that Canadian engineering can play in finding solutions to major global challenges. Finally, the Academy will utilize and demonstrate the value of its Fellows, by introducing their science and engineering perspectives to not only the public, but also to decision makers at local, provincial, national, and international levels.

Overall, this new Strategic Plan is helping usher in a new era at the Academy, one that helps provide visionary thinking to inspire positive change, while applying a systems approach to social, environmental, and economic stewardship in Canada’s interests. I look forward to providing you with updates throughout the next year, highlighting our efforts as we seek to achieve this new set of exciting goals, while demonstrating our continued dedication to the application of science and engineering principles.


Soheil Asgarpour
CAE President


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