The Canadian Academy of Engineering / The Academy


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for proposing Chairs of Standing and Ad Hoc Committees and other senior executive and administrative roles.

  • Soheil Asgarpour, Chair
  • Catherine Karakatsanis
  • Bruce Burlton
  • Yves Beauchamp

Nominations Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for identifying candidates for President-Elect, Board of Governors and Committees of the Board.

  • Eddy Isaacs, Chair
  • Nicole Poirier
  • Jesse Zhu

Finance, Investment and Audit Committee

The Finance, Investment and Audit Committee is responsible for budget, investment portfolio and managing the annual audit.

  • Bruce Burlton, Chair
  • Heather Kennedy
  • Bill Rosehart
  • Marc Rosen

Fellowship Committee

The Fellowship committee is responsible for the New Fellow (Active and International) nomination process, selection of nominees for election and presentation of election results to the Board of Directors and the Annual General Meeting.

  • Heather Kennedy, Chair
  • Jesse Zhu
  • Catherine Karakatsanis
  • Richard Boudreault
  • Zhongchao Tan
  • Camille Gagnon
  • Jan Carr
  • Pascale Champagne
  • Janaka Ruwanpura
  • Sadie Sellars

The Future of Engineering Committee (FEC)

The Future of Engineering Committee is responsible for the approval of new Program areas and the issuance of CAE technical reports.

  • Eddy Isaacs, Chair
  • Soheil Asgarpour
  • Axel Meisen
  • Nicole Poirier
  • Oskar Sigvaldason
  • Ray Gosine

Honours and Awards Committee

The Honours and Awards Committee is responsible for establishing and awarding prizes, scholarships and other recognitions as well as identifying opportunities to propose Fellows and their initiatives for national and international awards.

  • Ray Gosine, Chair
  • Daolun Chen
  • Louise Grondin
  • Digvir Jayas
  • Laurence Yang
  • Gamal Refai-Ahmed

International Committee

The International Committee is responsible for relations with other national academies of engineering, CAETS and other international collaborators in Programs.

  • Peter Mascher, Chair
  • Elizabeth Croft
  • Bob Evans
  • Suzanne Lacasse
  • Ravi Ravindran
  • Federico Rosei
  • Jesse Zhu

Regional Sections

  • Montreal Section: Reinhold (Ron) Crotogino, Head
  • Western Canada Section: Soheil Asgarpour, Head

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