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Fellowship Procedure

Election to the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE) recognizes outstanding achievements and service to engineering in Canada and the world. Fellows have distinguished themselves in different sectors including business, academia and government and in different roles such as business management, executive management, technical, and university faculty. Fellows of the CAE are nominated and elected by their peers (current CAE Fellows) in view of their distinguished achievements and career-long service.

Individuals must be nominated to be considered for Fellowship in the Academy. Up to 50 nominations a year are selected to go forward for election as Active Fellows. There is also a category of International Fellow that is open to non-residents. Typically, two international nominations a year are selected. There is no direct application process. The procedure for nomination and election of Fellowship candidates begins with a search by present Fellows of the CAE for outstanding engineers. Candidates for Active Fellow must be either a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident and have made substantial contributions to engineering in Canada, another country, or globally, with a significant impact on society including one or more of the following categories:

  • Significant contributions to the pioneering of new and developing fields of technology or engineering knowledge.
  • Significant contribution to the art and practice of engineering.
  • Significant contributions to the development of organizations which are based on engineering knowledge.

A candidate for Fellow shall be recognized by associates and others for professional integrity as well as for engineering accomplishments.

The Fellowship Process

A completed nomination form must be submitted to the CAE, signed by three current Fellows of the Academy. The nomination form and guidelines are only available to current Active Fellows and are posted in the Fellows section of our website. The deadline to receive nomination forms is October 31 of every year.

The Fellowship Committee reviews all nominations and prior to January 31 of each year will prepare a list of candidates recommended for Fellowship, not exceeding the limit of candidates as per the current By-Laws. The recommended list is submitted to the Board of Directors for approval before  being entered in the election by Active Fellows of the Academy.

Prior to March 1 of each year, each Active Fellow of the Academy is sent an election package and completed ballots must be received at the CAE office by the published deadline in early April.

The ballots are counted on or after the April deadline and the elected candidates are notified of their election.

The complete official list of new Fellows is released at the time of the CAE Annual General Meeting in June.

Please note: links to the new forms are available in the Fellows-only Section of the website under Information for Fellows.

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