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2023 New CAE Fellows

Laleh Behjat

Laleh Behjat, FCAE

University of Calgary

Laleh Behjat is an innovative researcher, educator, and champion for underrepresented groups in STEM. She has made outstanding contributions to the field of electronic design automation. She works with researchers across fields to break the silos that exist between disciplines, to solve the challenges we face with creativity and innovation. Dr. Behjat is dedicated to educating the next generation of engineers in Canada and strives to make engineering education inclusive. She is an advocate for ethical science and fostering diversity, equity, and inclusivity in the profession.

Richard Berry

Richard Berry, FCAE


Dr. Berry has made exceptional contributions in process innovation and chemical process technology throughout his long career in the Canadian pulp and paper industry. His process innovations have been widely adopted by industry to reduce pulping & bleaching costs and environmental impacts. Dr. Berry also led the initiative to develop and commercialize cellulose nanocrystals, resulting in a manufacturing facility that is the first and largest in the world, and that allowed Canada to position itself as a world leader in this new nanotechnology industry. Dr. Berry has 36 patents, 159 peer-reviewed publications, and received 19 industry awards recognizing his work.

Glenn Edwin Byczynski

Glenn Byczynski, FCAE


Dr. Byczynski has provided superb engineering leadership within the automotive manufacturing industry in Canada, the United States and Germany. He has successfully implemented innovative metal casting technologies to produce high-performance alloys that pertain to the automotive sector, particularly "green" electric vehicles. He has an outstanding record of multiple technical publications, patents, awards, Adjunct Professorships at three Canadian universities, and invited lectures in Canada and internationally. For nearly three decades, Dr. Byczynski has made significant contributions to the Engineering profession, exemplified lately by his distinguished service as President of the Foundry Education Foundation Canada.

Lin Cai

Lin Cai, FCAE

University of Victoria

Dr. Cai is a world-renowned researcher and technology innovator, and an extraordinary educator and mentor, widely recognized for her seminal contributions to network topology control, connectivity theory, and large-scale wireless networking techniques. Her groundbreaking contributions are highly influential in wireless product development and standardization. She is an EIC Fellow, IEEE Fellow, RSC College Member, and NSERC Steacie Fellow, and serves as a Board member of the IEEE Women-in-Engineering and a Vice President of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society. Her students become entrepreneurs or technical leaders in leading networking companies in Canada and research institutions worldwide.

Yunxing Cao

Yunxing Cao, FCAE

Henan Polytechnic University

Cao has made major contributions to clean energy and safety engineering research and practice. He is the pioneer to establish the integrated geology and engineering as a solution system to enhance energy production while eliminating safety risks and carbon emissions, He is the innovator and published the first paper on CO2-fracking that launched this new field of research for sustainable energy development. He has established companies to transfer his research to field application that demonstrated his leadership in engineering innovation. He has played active roles in promoting engineering education and research to the public, to communities and throughout his profession.

Zengtao Chen

Zengtao Chen, FCAE

University of Alberta

Dr. Chen is an internationally recognized expert and award-winning educator in mechanical engineering, with pioneering contributions to the design and application of lightweight automotive materials, smart materials and structures, and high precision machine parts. His work has been used in the transportation industry and in advanced manufacturing to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, design high precision CNC machines, and regulate engineering design. He has published over 400 papers and three books. Dr. Chen has trained more than 80 graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, who have become leaders in both academe and industry. He is a Fellow of ASME and CSME.

Shuguang Cui

Shuguang Cui, FCAE

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen

Dr. Shuguang Cui is a world-class engineering researcher with contributions in developing the widely-adopted energy-profiling framework for wireless communication systems, the efficient linear cooperative spectrum sensing algorithm, and the AI-driven system control mechanism, which laid the ground for next-generation environment-friendly information systems. He has established leadership in IEEE with journal Editor-in-Chief, committee chair, and conference chair, and in universities as school dean and directors. He is devoted to engineering education with outreach to young kids. He is listed in the Highly Cited Researchers by Thomson Reuters and the World's Most Influential Scientific Minds by ScienceWatch. He is an IEEE Fellow.

Ali Dolatabadi

Ali Dolatabadi, FCAE

University of Toronto

Ali Dolatabadi is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Associate Director of the Centre for Advanced Coating Technologies at the University of Toronto. His research on multiphase flows advances our fundamental understanding of sprays for thermal spray processes, as well as droplet dynamics, heat transfer and phase change, for development and characterization of novel functional coatings and surface engineering solutions. Professor Dolatabadi served as President of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering from 2014-2016 and as President of the Engineering Institute of Canada from 2020-2022. He has received multiple awards for his research and teaching.

George Eleftheriades

George Eleftheriades, FCAE

University of Toronto

Professor George Eleftheriades, of the University of Toronto, is a pioneer in the field of metamaterials and metasurfaces, which are engineered electromagnetic materials and surfaces with unprecedented capabilities. Most notably, he demonstrated how to realize metamaterials using networks of loaded transmission lines. These new materials have found applications in several areas, including wireless communications, radar, super-resolution imaging, security, and defence. Professor Eleftheriades is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Royal Society of Canada and has received many of the most prestigious national and international awards in his field.

Janet A.W. Elliott

Janet A. W. Elliott, FCAE

University of Alberta

Dr. Janet A. W. Elliott is a University of Alberta Distinguished Professor recognized as being among the world's leading thermodynamicists. Considered the pre-eminent world expert in the thermodynamics of cryobiology, she is known for her profound insight into fundamental and applied thermodynamics leading to the creative and elegant integration of mathematics and experimental data. Her revolutionary theoretical frameworks, mathematical equations, and experimental innovations have provided a foundation for ground-breaking advances in science, engineering, and medicine. Dr. Elliott's work has received broad international acclaim and includes some of the most cited works on the osmotic virial equation and statistical rate theory.

Monica Emelko

Monica Emelko, FCAE

University of Waterloo

Monica Emelko is the Canada Research Chair in Water Science, Technology & Policy. Her pioneering contributions to drinking water treatment, public health protection, and climate change adaptation support international source water protection guidance and pathogen treatment regulations. Her team was the first cited by IPCC regarding wildfire threats to water treatability. She assembled and leads the ground-breaking, multi-sectoral, pan-Canadian and internationally-partnered forWater Network for integrating green and built infrastructure for water security. She provides expert advice to Health Canada, U.S. National Academies, and governments internationally, and has received recognition from peers and governments, including a citation from the Alberta Premier.

Marcia Friesen

Marcia Friesen, FCAE

The University of Manitoba

Dr. Marcia Friesen's leadership practice has resulted in new programs that cross disciplinary and professional boundaries. Her work in pathways for newcomer engineers has shaped provincial and national approaches to foreign credentials recognition. She developed one of the first formal graduate credentials in the discipline of engineering education in Canadian universities. Her integrative approach makes EDI and Indigenous perspectives an ongoing dialogue in the activities, policies, curricula, and people at the University of Manitoba. She advances professional governance, accreditation, and EDI in the profession through board service on provincial and national organizations.

Camille Gagnon

Camille Gagnon, FCAE


A visionary and passionate leader, Camille Gagnon has over 40 years of experience in the fields of innovation and economic development and is known as a rare innovation expert in Quebec and in Canada. As President and CEO at Innovitech, a private firm he founded in 1989, he has left a lasting mark with the ability to mobilize academia, industry and government. Innovitech, through Camille Gagnon's expertise and leadership, has been at the forefront of major urban development projects, managed major research/innovation consortia. Through Innovitech, Camille has mentored, financed and coached 100 startups that have engineering capabilities at their heart.

Ian D. Gates

Ian Gates, FCAE

University of Calgary

For his ground-breaking discoveries, insights, and engineering solutions to heavy oil and oil sands recovery energy systems and routes for lowering their environmental impacts, re-envisioning the use of heavy oil and oil sands systems for producing clean hydrogen and valuable carbon-based products, training, and mentorship of trainees in the area of energy research, and leadership of energy-related initiatives and efforts to move research to solutions for the benefit of society.

Elizabeth Gillies

Elizabeth Gillies, FCAE

The University of Western Ontario

Elizabeth Gillies is an international leader in the development of new designs to control the degradation of polymers. She developed a new class of polymers that unzip upon stimulation by light, heat, pH, or redox change. These unique polymers are currently being applied to release drugs at specific sites in the body, as traceless inks for 3D printing, and as replacements for conventional non-degradable plastics . She has mentored > 110 trainees, and published 142 papers with > 9600 citations. She received an NSERC EWR Steacie Fellowship, Canada Research Chair, membership in the RSC College, and two Engineering Teaching Awards.

Kevin Richard Hall

Kevin Hall, FCAE

University of Victoria

Kevin Hall is an innovative academic leader and civil engineer known for his strong commitment to sustainability, innovation, community engagement, and unwavering belief in equitable access to education, and equity, diversity and inclusion. In academe, Hall has served as a research centre director and department chair, vice-president and senior deputy vice-chancellor, and is currently President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Victoria. Hall has had a global impact by delivering knowledge to industry and community through his work on water quality modelling, environmental monitoring and pathogen detection systems, and water and health in marginalized communities.

Kelly Hawboldt

Kelly Hawboldt, FCAE

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Dr. Kelly Hawboldt is internationally recognized as a key contributor to the development of the bioeconomy and is committed to helping Canadians produce, use, and conserve resources while protecting the environment. Her discoveries have improved the methods used for removing contaminants from gas streams, transformed waste material to value added products, and reduced emissions from offshore oil and gas operations. The strength of Dr. Hawboldt's work is her engagement and contributions to the forest, fishery, and mining industries, as well as local and federal governments, who have benefitted from her innovative and integrated approaches to green engineering.

Mina Hoorfar

Mina Hoorfar, FCAE

University of Victoria

Dr. Mina Hoorfar is an accomplished academic leader and engineer known for her inspired teaching, award winning research, innovative administrative leadership and championing of equity, diversity and inclusion. Her research in microfluidics and nanotechnology is applied to energy, health and the environment. An outstanding teacher, she has received the EGBC Teaching Excellence Award and has been recognized by Engineers Canada as an Equity Diversity and Inclusion Leader. She has served in senior academic leadership roles including Director, School of Engineering at UBC Okanagan and Dean of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Victoria.

Steve Hranilovic

Steve Hranilovic, FCAE

McMaster University

Dr. Steve Hranilovic is a research pioneer in optical wireless communications, an academic innovator and a technology leader applying Canadian-made solutions to bring equitable internet access to Canada's northern, remote, and rural communities. He ranks in the top 2% of researchers worldwide and is a Fellow of the IEEE and Optica. He led the transformation of engineering education for 6,000 undergraduates, championing experiential, project-based curricula while innovating groundbreaking virtual education throughout the pandemic. As Vice-Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies, Hranilovic is responsible for fostering innovation interdisciplinary offerings for graduate programs across the campus.

Mihaiela Isac

Mihaiela Isac, FCAE

McGill University

As President and CEO of MetSim Inc. and Associate Director of the McGill Metals Processing Centre, Professor Isac has established an exemplary record of sustained contributions of excellence to the field of Physical Metallurgy. Over a period of forty-five years, she has made major contributions in collaboration with industry to research and development on the metallurgical processing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, to teaching and training of engineers, and to professional organizations in Canada and overseas. As evidenced by over three hundred publications, numerous invited presentations, patents and international recognitions, she is clearly an excellent ambassador for the Engineering Profession.

Hossam Kishawy

Hossam Kishawy, FCAE

Ontario Tech University

Dr. Hossam Kishawy has made significant contributions to research, education, and academic leadership in materials and manufacturing engineering. Under his leadership as Dean of Engineering and Applied Science at Ontario Tech University, Dr. Kishawy has led the Faculty to significant growth of infrastructure, enrolments, student diversity and research capacity. His research contributions have led to new understanding of surface quality, integrity, and detection of residual stresses in materials, particularly for hard turning technology in automotive applications. Dr. Kishawy's development of new nanoparticle-based cooling techniques have led to significant advances of more environmentally friendly and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Baochun Li

Baochun Li, FCAE

University of Toronto

Prof. Baochun Li is an internationally renowned researcher and technology innovator in multimedia systems, networking, cloud computing, and distributed systems. As the Bell Canada Endowed Chair, he has developed the world's first large-scale deployment of network coding in commercial media streaming systems. Working closely with industry partners such as Bell Canada and Microsoft, his published papers, many of which are highly cited, have attracted over 23000 citations with an H-index of 84. He is an IEEE Fellow, played leadership roles towards automating review assignments in flagship IEEE conferences, and received numerous awards acknowledging his pioneering contributions in network coding systems.

Chenzhong Li

Chenzhong Li, FCAE

Tulane University

For his outstanding contributions to technology innovation in novel biosensor development, including development of new engineer approaches for disease Point of Care Testings, discovery of new properties of nanomaterials for biomedical device applications, and leadership of global efforts to promote engineering research and diversity educations. He has been very successful with both expanding the basic research and with translating the scientific breakthroughs into new technology which is evidenced by his 3 start-up companies in China, Canada and USA, and 17 patented innovations.

Peter Liu

Peter Liu, FCAE

Carleton University

Dr. Liu's research has led to over 470 peer-refereed publications and his papers have been cited extensively. He is very active in IEEE technical societies and has played numerous leadership roles. He had extensive collaborations with industry sectors and other researchers around the world. His research results have been adopted, such as to improve healthcare service. Dr. Liu held a Tier-2 Canada Research Chair position and is currently a Canada Research Professor. He has received numerous prestigious awards and recognitions. He is a licensed member of PEng, a Fellow of EIC and a Fellow of IEEE.

Xinyu Liu

Xinyu Liu, FCAE

University of Toronto

Professor Xinyu Liu is a world-renowned innovator who has tackled challenging interdisciplinary problems in microrobotics and microfluidics to create enabling technologies for real societal benefits. His seminal contributions in microrobotic biomanipulation and diagnostic biosensors have significantly advanced the-state-of-the-art and provided practical solutions to in vitro fertilization treatment and point-of-care diagnostics. His technologies have resulted in competitive products (sold in over 20 countries), global commercialization, and real-world impact. He has trained over 110 next-generation engineers and researchers. He was elected Fellow of ASME and CSME in recognition of his academic excellence and exemplary leadership in the profession.

Jun Long

Jun Long, FCAE

Syncrude Canada Ltd.

Dr. Long is a world-leading expert in developing innovative technologies for effective recovery of bitumen from Canada's massive oil sand resources, published 181 papers / proprietary reports and has 24 patents. His step-change inventions, most notably the Secondary Process Aids technology resulted in revolutionary advances in oil sands processing, creating billions in value and helping secure Canada's energy future by unlocking oil sands resources in a more efficient, sustainable, and environmentally responsible manner. Dr. Long also made substantive contributions to collaborative research and education in engineering through his initiatives and involvement in several NSERC Industry Research Chairs and CRD programs.

Dominic (Mark) Martinez

Dominic (Mark) Martinez, FCAE

The University of British Columbia

Prof Mark Martinez has made outstanding contributions to the pulp and paper industry, one of Canada's largest manufacturing industries. He has developed new knowledge for improved operations in papermaking and co-invented several new products and processes. He has trained a large number of engineers at the post-graduate level and disseminated knowledge through university teaching and industry courses. He has also played a significant leadership role as director of several university-industry initiatives for the traditional industry as well as the newly emerging bio-products sector. His accomplishments have contributed to the strengthening of a vital pulp and paper industry in Canada.

Arokia Nathan

Arokia Nathan, FCAE

Cambridge University, Darwin College

Dr. Nathan is a visionary technologist as reflected in his 600 technical publications, 6 books, and over 110 patents. His approach to engineering research and development is broad and comprehensive, encompassing fundamental device science, process development and manufacturing, device and circuit inventions to achieve new systems, along with research and development on modelling and electronic design automation tools to rapidly demonstrate a broad set of applications for large area and flexible electronics. This combination of science, engineering, and management, coupled with an inventive mind, are the characteristics of an accomplished technologist worthy of recognition.

Ya-Jun Pan

Ya-Jun Pan, FCAE

Dalhousie University

Dr. Ya-Jun Pan is an internationally renowned researcher, distinguished educator, and volunteer leader. She is a Professor at Dalhousie University and has made significant contributions in nonlinear control and cyber physical systems with in-depth applications to intelligent robotics and industrial automation. Dr. Pan has contributed extensively to engineering and professional societies. She has been recognized with fellowships in Engineering Institute of Canada and ASME, Research Excellence Award, and Humboldt Research Fellowship. She has provided dedicated leadership in Canadian and international research communities, serving as AEs, IES AdCom, conference organizing committees, WiE keynote, VP Atlantic of CSME and NSERC EG member.

Igor Pioro

Igor Pioro, FCAE

Ontario Tech University

Dr. Pioro is a leading expert in nuclear energy and related engineering systems. His contributions to the field are well documented in reputable journal publications and handbooks he edited. He has been actively involved in the design and engineering safety of Generation IV reactors. He has trained many students who are now practicing engineers in this field.

Hesham Rakha

Hesham Rakha, FCAE

Virginia Tech

Professor Hesham Rakha conducts leading-edge research at Virginia Tech aimed at reducing traffic congestion, reducing the transportation system energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and enhancing the safety of the transportation system. His achievements include the establishment and leadership of the Centre for Sustainable Mobility at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, the continuous development of the INTEGRATION agent-based multi-modal transportation software, and the invention of numerous energy and emission modeling tools. Rakha's record includes service to IEEE, SAE, TRB, and ASCE. He is a fellow of IEEE; received numerous awards; and serves on the editorial boards of numerous journals.

Carolyn Ren

Carolyn Ren, FCAE

University of Waterloo

Carolyn Ren is renowned for her pioneering contributions to droplet and air microfluidics innovation. Her physical and theoretical models, as well as her design and optimization tools, have enabled new, integrated Lab-on-a-Chip devices for life sciences, environmental monitoring, and material synthesis applications. She is forging a new frontier in soft, wearable assistive robotics technologies development, enabled by air microfluidics techniques. These light-weight, tetherless innovations are transforming prosthesis design, and treatment of lymphedema, edema, and arthritis. She has co-founded four start-up companies to commercialize her team's inventions, is a Fellow of the CSME, and a Member of the RSC College.

Janaka Ruwanpura

Janaka Ruwanpura, FCAE

University of Calgary

Janaka Ruwanpura, introduced as a Top 25 Canadian Immigrant by the Prime Minister in 2022, is an internationally-renowned award-winning scholar, leader, engineering consultant, and entrepreneur in the field of construction automation and productivity. In addition to his roles as President of JYR Consultants and President of i-Booth, Inc., Janaka currently serves as the University of Calgary's Vice-Provost International and Associate Vice-President Research. A member of the US National Academy of Construction and a fellow of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, his outstanding impact on construction engineering education, research, and practice has been recognized by organizations across Canada and overseas.

Karen Savage

Karen Savage, FCAE

Horizon Engineering Inc

A passionate professional, Karen's extensive and unrelenting servant leadership to the engineering profession is evident through the trailblazing success of her female-led consulting company, numerous awards and distinctions from engineering and business organizations and her contributions to professional guidelines, policy and education with ACEC-BC, BC Housing, Engineers and Geoscientists BC, Engineers Canada, and government, community and academic organizations. Beginning early in her career and continuing today, Karen has catalyzed change in the engineering community to the betterment of technical practice, and for meaningful culture change to support diverse participation in the profession.

Abdallah Shami

Abdallah Shami, FCAE

The University of Western Ontario

Dr. Shami is a global leader in telecommunications network planning, orchestration and optimization. He also made distinctive contributions in the area Industrial Internet of Things. His pioneering contributions have been integrated in the products of major telecommunications vendors and industrial Internet of things companies. He is the recipient of prestigious awards such as Samsung Research Award. He is an excellent academic leader and educator, serving as an Acting Associate Dean Research, lead the development of the pioneering interdisciplinary Artificial Intelligence System Engineering program at Western University, trained over 65 graduate students, and has over 250 publications with over 7,900 citations.

Jinjun Shan

Jinjun Shan, FCAE

York University

Dr. Shan is a visionary leader, an exceptional educator and a prominent scholar in space engineering. He is internationally recognized for his significant contributions to many national and international space missions, and enabling technologies through his over 200 publications, many of which have been highly influential and widely cited. His accomplishments are well-recognized through his exceptional leadership and services in local community and professional organizations. Dr. Shan is a Fellow of Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) and a Fellow of American Astronautical Society (AAS), also the recipient of numerous prestigious awards.

Yang Shi

Yang Shi, FCAE

University of Victoria

As P.Eng., Fellow of EIC (Engineering-Institute-of-Canada), IEEE, ASME, Dr. Shi is an international authority on networked and distributed control, model predictive control, and cyber-physical systems. His pioneering work, with a seminal impact from the advancement of scientific knowledge to industrial innovation, has been acknowledged with numerous awards, including Clarivate-Analytics Highly Cited Researcher award and his contributions to IEEE standards. His research has been patented and applied by industry and has led to two start-up companies. He serves as IEEE IES Vice-President and Co-Editor-in-Chief of two premium IEEE journals. He has received outstanding teaching awards and trained over 170 next-generation researchers/engineers.

Gregory Smallwood

Gregory Smallwood, FCAE

National Research Council Canada, Metrology Research Centre

Dr. Greg Smallwood's foundational work in particulate filtration has contributed to the improvement of worldwide air quality and health. The method his team developed for measuring non-volatile particulate matter in aircraft exhaust led to the standardization of measurement of carbon black particles. His persistence also ensured the adoption of improved air quality regulatory changes for aircraft and may also help set new marine emissions standards. Furthermore, his particulate measurement expertise helped to rapidly develop particulate filtration efficiency testing, meeting Canada's need for respirator evaluation during the COVID pandemic. Dr. Smallwood's innovation, mentorship, and collaborative leadership continue to shape Canadian engineering.

Marilyn Spink

Marilyn Spink, FCAE

Avalon Advanced Materials Inc.

As an expert in metallurgical and mining processes, Marilyn Spink has managed the successful delivery of complex mine development projects throughout the world ranging in value from $US500M to 9B. In recognition of her illustrious career, in 2020, Marilyn was bestowed the prestigious United Kingdom WIM 100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining. In 2018, she was named a Canadian Institute of Mining Distinguished Lecturer and in 2017, the inaugural Ursula Franklin Memorial Lecturer for the University of Toronto. Marilyn has also served her profession as an Ontario Lieutenant Governor Appointee and Vice President to Professional Engineers Ontario Council.

Uttandaraman Sundararaj

Uttandaraman Sundararaj, FCAE

University of Calgary

Professor Uttandaraman Sundararaj is a highly-esteemed researcher, educator and leader in polymer multiphase materials, polymer processing and nanotechnology. He holds several patents and has over 200 high-impact refereed publications with over 15,000 citations. Dr. Sundararaj has received many national and international awards and fellowships, and he was named an "Established Leader in Chemical Engineering" by the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering (CSChE). Prof. Sundararaj was awarded Engineers Canada Medal for Distinction in Engineering Education and he received a 3M Teaching Fellowship, Canada's highest honor for post-secondary teaching. He has served in several leadership positions including being President of the CSChE.

David Tennenhouse

David Tennenhouse, FCAE

National Science Foundation (NSF)

David is passionate about innovation and has a track record of embracing high risk initiatives, such as software-defined networking and software radio. He has worked in academia, as a faculty member at MIT; in government, at DARPA; in industry at Intel, Amazon/A9.com, Microsoft and VMware; and as a partner in a venture capital firm. Dr. Tennenhouse has championed a wide range of technologies, including networking, distributed computing, blockchain, computer architecture, storage, machine learning, robotics and nano/bio-technology. David holds a BASc and MASc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto and obtained his PhD at the University of Cambridge.

Guy van Uytven

Guy van Uytven, FCAE

Consultant, Guy Van Uytven Consultant Inc.

Guy Van Uytven is a leader in high voltage power transmission system planning, design, construction and maintenance. As a consulting engineer he has been instrumental in the provision of low cost electricity to citizens of 19 less developed countries, thereby improving living standards and contributing to global energy equity. He has ensured the sustainability of the electrical power infrastructure by establishing training programs for local engineers. Guy served as Vice-President Power, Eastern Region for Monenco. He is an advocate for a North American supergrid to enhance the resilience of electrical supply and accelerate the transition to carbon free power.

Ning Yan

Ning Yan, FCAE

University of Toronto

The Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Bioproducts at the University of Toronto, Dr. Ning Yan is an internationally renowned expert in converting renewable biomass materials into bio-based chemicals and functional materials. She is a pioneer in developing numerous bio-based platform technologies for using renewable biomaterials to produce sustainable bio-based adhesives, resins, polyols, foams, and other industrial materials. Dr. Yan's research has resulted in 200 peer-reviewed journal publications, 8 patents/patent applications, and collaborations with academic, government and industry research partners around the world. She is an elected fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada and the International Academy of Wood Science.

Tony Yang

Tony Yang, FCAE

The University of British Columbia

Dr. Yang is a world-renowned researcher in structural and earthquake engineering, with over 200 high-impact refereed papers, books and reports with over 2,200 citations. He has developed numerous novel technologies that have enhanced the practice of smart and sustainable infrastructure in Canada and internationally. He is an active member of numerous national and international code committees. He has worked with multiple engineering firms in Canada and around the world. He has supervised over 110 highly qualified personnel and received over ten coveted international awards. His exemplary contributions to structural and earthquake engineering have significantly impacted Canada and the international communities.

Osmar Zaiane

Osmar Zaiane, FCAE

University of Alberta

Dr. Osmar Zaiane is Professor and Canada CIFAR AI Chair at the University of Alberta, and is a world-renowned researcher with high impact in artificial intelligence and data mining. Dr. Zaiane is actively involved in the community as an organizer and as an established and respected researcher. He demonstrated tremendous leadership directing the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute for more than 10 years, steering the research institute to international recognition. He developed data mining engineering systems advancing our knowledge. His work and contributions, already influential in the AI ecosystem, will continue creating social and economic advantages for Canada and beyond.

Joe Zhou

Joe Zhou, FCAE

TC Energy

Dr. Zhou has played a prominent role in developing and introducing new high-impact technologies to the pipeline industry through vision casting, collaboration, and advocacy. He has accomplished this through outstanding leadership of international collaborative organizations, including his service as Chair of the Technical Committee for the CSA Pipeline Standard. He has assembled and led large engineering teams that have achieved outstanding performance by applying new technology to mega infrastructure projects and systems. He has been recognized with numerous awards including the CSA Award of Merit, three TC Energy CEO Safety Awards, and three ASME Global Pipeline Awards.

Jason Burdick

Jason Burdick, FCAE
International Fellow

University of Colorado Boulder

For seminal contributions to the development and understanding of the formation and structure of biodegradable materials towards tissue regeneration therapies and drug delivery applications. For application of engineering principles in the development of innovative biomaterial technologies that have transformed human health including development of elastomers for a new class of approved vascular sealants, new hydrogels that enable controlled release of microRNA for treatment of heart attack and development of a novel sealants to treat cartilage damage. For transformative contributions to the development of self-healing and shear-thinning hydrogels that have enabled new 3D printing approaches.

Liang-Shi Fan

Liang-Shi Fan, FCAE
International Fellow

The Ohio State University

L.-S. Fan influences the field of multiphase reaction engineering through his research (6 books, 470 journal-articles) and invention (70 patents), transformed to 8 demonstrated or commercialized clean energy processes and an Electrical-Capacitance-Volume-Tomography flow imaging device. His work has helped strengthen Canada's positions in clean energy through engineer training and technology transfer. Fan's 85 professional awards include highest honors in research from AIChE, ACS and major conferences, a top chemical engineering educator in United States, and professional leadership service recognition. Fan is AIChE's one of the "One Hundred Engineers in the Modern Era", and Fellow of National Academies of 6 countries.

Jinlong Gong

Jinlong Gong, FCAE
International Fellow

Tianjin University

As a renowned inventor, scientist and educator, Jinlong Gong has made tremendous contributions on developing sustainable chemical technologies. He develops a new solar-conversion process for production of clean fuels (hydrogen, methanol) with a record-breaking efficiency (~15.4%). He also invented an energy-efficient process advancing traditional routes to olefins using earth-abundant metal oxides to convert alkanes. His innovation is evidenced by >340 publications (with an H-index of 99 and >35000 citations) and 135 patents. He has been an active promoter for international academic exchange.

Yun Hang Hu

Yun Hang Hu, FCAE
International Fellow

Michigan Technological University

Prof. Yun Hang Hu made seminal contributions to advanced catalysts, novel materials and innovative processes for clean energy and renewable energy. His collaborations with Canadian universities created a new direction not only for heterogeneous catalysis but also for the utilization of solar energy and greenhouse gases, which is truly important for Canada. As a world-renowned leading expert in energy materials and processes, he was recognized with numerous prestigious honors and awards including election to Fellow by six major societies (AAAS, ACS, APS, AIChE, ASM International, and RSC) and the Rudolf Erren Award from the International Association for Hydrogen Energy.

Yonggang Huang

Yonggang Huang, FCAE
International Fellow

Northwestern University

Huang is a scientific creator and pioneer of stretchable electronics, a transformative technology enabled by his discoveries and groundbreaking fundamental theories. He found how pre-strain with shape control can endow brittle inorganic semiconductors (e.g., silicon) with enormous stretchability (>150% strain), extremely low stiffness matching that of soft biomaterials, and conformability to arbitrary curvilinear surfaces. His theories constitute the scientific foundation of new technology such as stretchable batteries, sensors, circuits, radios and many commercial biomedical devices transforming medicine. With ~100,000 citations (H-index 153), Huang is the most cited mechanician under age 78. He has extensive collaborations in Canada since the 1990s.

Xiaonian Li

Xiaonian Li, FCAE
International Fellow

Zhejiang University of Technology (ZJUT)

Professor Xiaonian Li has made major contributions to Chemical Catalysis. His original work has helped transform the catalysts synthesized in laboratory to industrial settings, and his catalysts have been widely applied in global industries. Li has also made outstanding contributions to the engineering profession through his leadership as a university president and his dedication to training the next generation of great young engineers with international visions. His innovation is evidenced by 500+ publications and 60+ patents. He has led major international academic exchange programs that directly benefited hundreds of students from both Canada and China.

Xueqing Qiu

Xueqing Qiu, FCAE
International Fellow

Guangdong University of Technology

Professor Qiu is a world-leading expert in biomass utilization and green chemical engineering. His original contributions to molecular structure modulation has enabled the transformation of lignin from massive pulping and biorefinery waste into green fine chemical products and functional materials, generating Can$ 1.2 Billion/year while significantly strengthening sustainability. He has 400+ journal papers and holds 138 patents. Through 15-year presidency in two major Chinese engineering universities, he has implemented innovative competency-based engineering training programs to enhance engineering education. He also promoted international cooperation with worldwide universities including 10+ Canadian universities to cultivate the next generation of great young engineers.

Armistead Russell

Armistead Russell, FCAE
International Fellow

Georgia Institute of Technology

Professor Russell's ground-breaking applied science and engineering research has made profound impacts on air quality policies. His work is featured in multiple US National Academy reports. His key scientific advances set the foundation for air quality policies and modeling approaches now adopted globally. His award-winning research relates pollutants and health that has led to our important understanding of clean air in health. Policies driven by his work have directly benefited the world including Canada from the adoption of effective controls that decreases locally-generated and long range transport of pollutants. He is a renown educator who trains environmental talents including Canadian.

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