The Canadian Academy of Engineering / Energy Pathways Project

Power Grid Task Force Report – “Electricity: Interconnecting Canada – A Strategic Advantage”

The findings and conclusions of the Report of the Canada Power Grid Task Force – “Electricity: Interconnecting Canada – A Strategic Advantage” provides the basis and focus for an informed debate on the opportunities afforded by “interconnecting Canada”. The work was done with the view to ensuring that the nation’s electricity needs are met in a sustainable and environmentally sound manner. The report develops the case for expanded electricity connections in order to meet Canada’s electricity needs for the next 25 years. This report is the result of the Academy’s 2007 Energy Pathways Task Force Phase 1 – Final Report which recommended a major upgrade to Canada’s electrical infrastructure, including improved access for wind and solar energy sources and enhanced capacity for energy storage.

Volume I – Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations

Volume II – Background and Assessment



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