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New VP at Carleton

Congratulations to Dr. Rafik A. Goubran, P.Eng., Fellow IEEE, FCAE, who has been appointed as Vice-President (Research and International) at Carleton University. Dr. Goubran has served as Acting Vice-President (Research and International), Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Design, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Design, and Chair of the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering and Professor.

Dr. Goubran’s research work is in the area of biomedical engineering, sensors, data analytics and digital signal processing. His current research deals with patient monitoring and the design of smart homes for the independent living of seniors, audio processing, heart and lung sound analysis, electronic noses, infrastructure protection, echo and noise cancellation, microphone arrays, and speech and speaker recognition.

Dr. Goubran’s leadership qualities have been recognized by his peers, who elected him Chair of the Council of Ontario Deans of Engineering, as well as by his Faculty, which recommended him for re-appointment as Dean for two terms

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