CAE News for the week of 16 April

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Expert Panel on the State of Science and Technology and Industrial Research and Development in Canada

The CAE recently participated in the Council of Canadian Academies’ Expert Panel on the State of Science and Technology and Industrial Research and Development in Canada.

The main conclusions of the Report can be summarized as follows:

  • There is tremendous research diversity across provinces with R&D activity clusters around large cities. However, the areas of specialization reflect historical strengths, not future areas of prosperity.
  • There are significant barriers that prevent the translation of technological innovation into wealth creation.
  • The trajectory of Canada’s R&D capacity is the reverse of our competitors and it is a growing concern as the global economy becomes increasingly driven by technology. Momentum and reputation drive talent and money.
  • Strengths in industry R&D are concentrated in (i) scientific research and development services; (ii) computer systems design; (iii) communication equipment manufacturing; (iv) aerospace products and parts manufacturing.
  • Since 2001, Canadian R&D intensity has declined steadily relative to Canada’s competitors (Canada ranks 33rd among leading countries). The decline is mainly driven by a reduction in industry R&D intensity.

We wish to thank Claude Lajeunesse, FCAE, and John M. Thompson, OC, FCAE, for participating in the panel.

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 Significant Honours for International Fellow 

Congratulations to Professor J.N. Reddy, FCAE, for winning the ASCE Theodore von Karman Medal and the John von Neumann Medal from the US Association of Computational Mechanics. For more information, click here.

Alex Taylor, FCAE, (b.1923-d.2018)

The CAE was recently informed of the passing of Mr. Alex Taylor, a long-term Emeritus Fellow. During his career, Mr. Taylor distinguished himself as an outstanding leader of large multi-discipline world-scale engineering companies based in Canada but operating throughout the world as global competitors for major engineering projects. We have offered our condolences to his widow Maris Taylor.  To learn more about Alex Taylor and his lifetime of accomplishments, click here.

APEGA Awards

Congratulations to the following Fellows for their recent APEGA Awards:

  • Leah Lawrence received the APEGA Centennial Leadership Award
  • Lynne Cowe Falls, APEGA Women in Engineering and Geoscience Champion
  • Simaan AbouRizk, APEGA Excellence in Education Award

Engineers Canada Awards

Congratulations to our Fellows who have recently been honoured by Engineers Canada . University of Toronto Chemical Engineering Professor Levente Diosady, FCAE, received the Gold Medal Award for his work in food engineering, and Jeannette Montufar, FCAE, will receive an Award for the Support of Women in the Engineering Profession. For more information, click here.


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