Annual Meeting – 26 June 2017 – Ottawa ON

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Photo: Courtesy of Tourism Ottawa


Annual General Meeting


Induction Ceremony of New Fellows


The most recent edition of the Canadian Academy of Engineering’s Annual Meeting and New Fellows Induction was held 26 June 2017 in Ottawa.  The business portions of the meeting were held at the Ottawa Conference Centre and the Induction Gala at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.  Approximately 110 Fellows and guests attended.

Prior to the Annual meeting, the Board met for an extended strategic planning session and its regular business meeting. Among the items under discussion were revisions to the Fellowship nomination and elections processes, which will be posted on the website in early July, and our relationships with organizations such as Engineers Canada and the Council of Canadian Academies.

At the Annual General Meeting, Members elected the following new Directors to our Board:

  • Kim Keating (VP Fabrication, The Cahill Group)
  • Tony Dawe (President, Phoenix Engineering, Inc.)
  • Jeannette Montufar (Founding Partner and CEO, MORR Transportation Consulting)

These individuals bring decades of experience, thought leadership and a passion for innovation across many diverse aspects of the engineering sector.   We are also indebted to the hard work and commitment provided to the CAE by the following departing Directors:

  • Charles Randell (President & CEO, C-Core)
  • Colin Smith (Past President of APEGBC, Engineers Canada and of the British Columbia Chamber of Commerce).
  • Sara Jane Snook (former Deputy Minister, Nova Scotia Department of Environment)

Finally, the Board wishes to thank the following Fellows whose terms in the following roles are completing:

  • John Dinsmore (Fellowship Committee; former CAE President)
  • Axel Meisen (CCA Board of Governors; Senior Advisor to Alberta Innovates).
  • Robert Evans (CAETS Council Member, Professor Emeritus, UBC)

Members received an extended report from Yves Beauchamp, Secretary/Treasurer concerning the audited F2016 financial results and the budget for F2017.  Due to gaining revenue from sources other than membership fees and careful cost control, healthy excess of revenue over expenses were shown and projected, respectively, for the two years.  The agenda, supporting  material and draft minutes are available in the restricted member area.  Also at the AGM, President Douglas Ruth led a moment of reflection for the Fellows who passed away over the past way, provided a report on the past year’s activities, and acknowledged the recent achievements of Fellows. He used that opportunity to describe our recent appointment as a Nominating Partner with the Governor General’s Innovation Awards and becoming the executing agency for two national scholarships for students working in mobility engineering.

President-Elect Eddy Isaacs chaired the days’ technical sessions, all based on the Theme of Canada in an Energy Transition. We presented an exceptional group of speakers this year. Doug Ruth set the stage by describing the CAE’s past work with the Trottier Energy Futures Project, and whether the US Administration’s decision to pull out of the Paris Accord would impact an already uncertain future.  Peter Watson FCAE, Chair and CEO of the National Energy Board described the issues involved with regulating energy infrastructure in the 21st century. University of Windsor Peter Frise FCAE drew on his experience leading the Auto21 consortium in presenting the opportunities and challenges for the Canadian auto industry.  Leah Lawrence FCAE is the President and CEO of Sustainable Development Technology Canada and spoke to the potential of Canada’s Cleantech sector and the issues of scaling startups.  Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Director General Derek Hermanutz spoke to Canada’s official mid-century climate goals.   Axel Meisen FCAE, consultant to Alberta Innovates presented a visioning study on how bitumen could serve a useful role in the Canadian economy, if it no longer was used as a source of energy through combustion.  The final speakers were Daniel Muzyka, President and CEO of The Conference Board of Canada, who was supported by Matthew Stewart, Economist with its National Forecast Group. They presented the results of a joint study with the CAE where we forecast the profound effects on the Canadian economy of implementing carbon taxes at various levels and spending the $2T to $3T required to make the low GHG transition.  They described the winners and losers in the transition and the changing roles of the private sector, consumers and governments.

The Induction ceremony for new Fellows was held that evening at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.  Margaret Bloodworth, Chair of the Council of Canadian Academies, welcomed the new Fellows, 43 of who were able to be in attendance. Board member Sara Jane Snook FCAE offered the Invocation and a Toast to Canada prior to dinner.  Following the introduction of the new Fellows, the keynote speaker, Frank Graves, President of EKOS Associates, a national social science research firm, presented results of polling Canadians on such topics as the decline of the middle class and the rise of populism, the “dumbing down” of Canadian society, and Canadians’ conflicted views on GHG reduction policies.

Links to all of the day’s presentations are available in the restricted members section.



2017 CAE Annual Meeting – Presentations
Meeting Room 106 AB

10:30 to 10:40Welcoming remarks
Doug Ruth, FCAE, President CAE
10:40 to 11:20Keynote Address: The role of the NEB in a future energy system
Peter Watson, FCAE, Chairman and CEO, NEB
11:20 to 11:50Challenges & opportunities for the Canadian auto industry in a new age of mobility
Peter Frise, FCAE, Professor, University of Windsor
11:50 to 12:20The emergence of an innovative clean tech sector in Canada spurring growth and jobs for the future
Leah Lawrence, FCAE, President and CEO, SDTC
12:20 to 14:00 Lunch and Annual General Meeting
14:00 to 14:30Canada’s mid-century low-carbon strategy
Derek Hermanutz, Director General, Environment and Climate Change Canada
14:30 to 15:00The future of fossil carbons - bitumen beyond combustion
Axel Meisen, FCAE, Former Chair of Foresight at Alberta Innovates
15:00 to 15:30Coffee
15:30 to 16:00The Energy Transition in Economic Terms
Daniel Muzyka, President & CEO, Conference Board of Canada


Induction of New Fellow: Canadian Aviation and Space Museum

Induction Dinner
Canadian Aviation and Space Museum
11 Aviation Parkway

5:30 to 6:30Cocktail Hour
6:45 to 9:00Induction Dinner
Canadians’ attitudes towards energy

Frank Graves, President and Founder, EKOS Research Associates Inc.

Presentations and Lunch


Induction of New Fellows at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum

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