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CAE News for the week of 27 May

On a weekly basis, the CAE compiles news of interest to the organization and its members, and makes it publicly available on our website. The CAE works to highlight emerging issues in which engineering has a role as well as promote recognition of engineering excellence and innovation.

2019 Pujiang Innovation Forum

Chen Zhongwei, FCAE, professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Waterloo, was one of 10 young innovators who spoke at the recent three-day Pujiang Innovation Forum at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum.

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Hellmuth Prize 2019

Kudos to Andy Sun, FCAE, on being awarded the Hellmuth Prize 2019. This honour recognizes Western University faculty members with outstanding international reputations for their contributions in research.

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In Search of Light

Professor Martha Salcudean, FCAE, is a valued Fellow of the Academy. Her remarkable Holocaust survival memoirs have recently been published.

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IEEE EMBS Society 2019 Professional Achievement Award

Kudos to Richard Boudreault, FCAE, on winning the IEEE EMBS Society 2019 Professional Achievement Award, “for the development of femtosecond laser in-situ bio-imagery, with application to the detection and characterization of breast cancer and to pharmaceutical research with a Small Animal Molecular Imager technology.”

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