Annual Meeting – 18 June 2018 – Calgary AB

2018 CAE Annual General Meeting

Technical Symposium & Induction Ceremony of New Fellows

Calgary, Alberta 


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AGM Report

The 2018 CAE Annual General Meeting and New Fellows Induction Dinner was held 18 June 2018 in Calgary.  The meeting was proceeded by Board strategic planning retreat and meeting, the minutes summary of which will eventually be posted in the Fellows’ Portal as soon as the minutes have been approved.  The Board received presentations from D. Ruth on our recent activities, K. Goheen on our strengths and weaknesses via a report card, and E. Isaacs on potential new research projects.  The Board approved a comprehensive Fellow survey to be distributed this summer. This will be the first Fellow survey since 2013.

Up to 120 Fellows and guests attended the technical sessions and dinner, comparable to the attendance at the 2018 meeting in Ottawa, and listened to presentations on “Canada in a carbon competitive world“.  The events were held at the Calgary Petroleum Club; we wish to thank S. Asgarpour FCAE of PTAC for helping with these arrangements.

Martha Hall Findlay, President and CEO of the Canada West Foundation, opened the meeting with a presentation on “How the West can Win.” Referring to the recent pipeline disputes, she noted that the Canadian energy industry needs to keep informing all parties what a great job it does on reducing GHG during O&G production.  Investors are fine with strong environmental, labour and other regulations; what they can’t abide is unreliability and uncertainly.

Dave Collyer, FCAE, Past President of CAPP, noted that Canadians need to be even more forthright about the role of the O&G sector on GHG, but we do a great job about (wrongly) beating ourselves up about our energy and environmental systems.  However, the sector needs to tackle a number of issues, e.g. methane, with a greater degree of urgency.

Robert Mansell, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Economics at the University of Calgary described his work on the proposed Northern Gateway project, which could bring social and economic opportunities to the North and invited CAE participation.

Professor David Layzell, Director of the Canadian Energy Systems Analysis Reach (CEASR) Institute, University of Calgary, noted that fixing transportation is the linchpin to solving Canada’s GHG emission problem and provided startling figures about the waste (e.g. four parking spots for every vehicle) associated with our current system.

Professor John Loughhead, Chief Scientific Adviser, UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy presented on UK’s Climate Change Act and the steps already taken; the power generation sector has done well, transportation not so much. The UK PM has recently set as a mission to half the GHG footprint of buildings by 2035, through electrification, the use of hydrogen and Carbon Capture and Storage.

The final session in the technical session was a panel on “The future of engineering.” McGill Engineering Faculty Dean Jim Nicell, FCAE, is concerned that we are overtaxing students trying a fit many, many new topics into a four-year degree. Paula McGarrigle, Managing Director at SOLAS Energy, a consulting firm focused on renewable energy, climate change and sustainability, noted that her current job did not exist when she graduated, and that new students need to focus on people and planet, as well as profit. Gary Bunio, General Manager, Strategic Technology at Suncor Energy, wanted new engineers to focus on product scale up and deployment, not just creation. He noted that the path to deployment of new technology is not straight or predictable.

The CAE Executive, which has been in place for the past two years, presented at the business portion of the AGM; draft minutes are available here. There were tributes to outgoing President D. Ruth and departing officials P. Lortie, A. Corbould and D. Coleman.   New Board members Bill Rosehart, (Dean of the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary) and Nicole Poirier (President of KoanTeknico Solutions Inc.) and Fellowship Committee member Samantha Espley (Director, Mine, Geology & Technical Services, Vale Canada) were elected. As we have done in previous years, we have provided financial support to the Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation in lieu of speakers’ gifts.

We are pleased that 38 of the 59 new Fellows were able to be in attendance at the Induction Dinner. Greetings were presented by Dr. Elizabeth Cannon, FCAE, RSC, President and Vice Chancellor of the University of Calgary and Eric Meslin, FCAHS, President and CEO of the Council of Canadian Academies.  We were also pleased to have in attendance Mr. Nima Dorjee, CEO of APEGA and Dr. Om Malik, representing the EIC.  Bruce Aubin, FCAE, whose gift endowed the CAE Bruce Aubin SAE Aerospace Award, was also introduced. For more information on the 2018 CAE Scholarship winners, click here.

Following the presentation of the 2018 New Fellows, Doug Ruth, FCAE, made a special presentation to Dr. John Leggat, FCAE, of the Léopold Nadeau Memorial Award for his extraordinary efforts in supporting the CAE and its projects. During his acceptance speech, John paid tribute to Léopold Nadeau, the first Executive Director of the CAE.  A modified version of his comments may be found here.

The final presentation of the day was by Roger Francis, the Western Canada Director of the Conference Board of Canada.  Mr. Francis summarized the key points of the joint CAE/Conference Board report on carbon pricing, and then discussed their more recent GHG reduction work involving the transportation sector and the motivation of individuals to make choices about reducing their own carbon footprints.

Links to the day’s presentations are available in the restricted Fellows’ Portal.

Ambitious programs such as this one are not possible with the support of our sponsors, who we wish to thank:

  • Council of Canadian Academies
  • University of Alberta
  • University of British Columbia
  • Schulich School of Engineering – University of Calgary
  • McMaster University
  • McGill University
  • University of Toronto
  • University of Waterloo

The 2019 annual meeting will be held in Quebec City, tentatively scheduled for 21 June 2019. We look forward to seeing many Fellows then.

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